Attendance Management Software

Our attendance management software is a technological solution aimed at companies that need to automate the attendance and absence management of their employees in a centralized manner. Based on an organizational perspective, this platform assigns different accesses and capacities, depending on the user profile.

Our attendance management software is a technological solution aimed at companies that need to automate the attendance and absence management of their employees in a centralized manner. Based on an organizational perspective, this platform assigns different accesses and capacities, depending on the user profile.

Why does your company needs an attendance management solution?

For employees

It means having the ability, on a single platform and in a centralised manner, to access your calendar to check information regarding your holidays, absences and other information, as well as making requests or submitting documents.

For management

The administration of teams is now assisted with a tool capable of delivering information in real time, which allows a more informed and conscious management and decision making.

Why is an attendance management system so important in companies?

An attendance management software is a vital tool for organisations that want to increase their productivity, optimise the performance of employees and reduce operating costs. At the basis of this software is the premise of having a viable mechanism for managing the attendance and working hours of the teams, previously determined by the organisations.
The advantages for companies are countless, especially the possibility of having a very precise management of the presence of employees through a totally digitalised system.

Risks and challenges that companies face without an attendance control system

Companies whose processes are not yet enabled with an attendance management solution such as this, run serious daily risks and challenges that may compromise the viability of attendance and time monitoring, reduce the efficiency and productivity levels of teams, increase operational costs and significantly reduce the overall profitability of the business.
The use of an attendance management software means being in compliance with the main labour standards and laws, avoiding lawsuits and potential fines that may arise from the absence of a system that promotes this management. Thus, investing in an attendance control software represents a step forward towards the organisation of work and its procedures, as well as teams and their productivity in a systematic way.

Benefits of using our attendance software for companies

Reduction of errors

Reduction of errors

The digitalisation of a time and attendance registration process avoids human error or fraud attempts in the registration of attendance and/or punctuality. In this way, it is possible to obtain greater accuracy in the calculation of working hours and, if applicable, overtime.

Analytical accuracy

Analytical accuracy

No matter how much control processes exist, an attendance management system presents an analytical precision that only a fully digital solution can promote. In practice, the possibility of errors that may be the driving force behind deviations from what is expected in operational terms is mitigated.

Process efficiency

Process efficiency

An attendance control system also allows the identification of the most productive elements, which for management means the possibility, based on real data, to optimise the allocation of resources, thus increasing procedural efficiency.

Compliance with the law

Compliance with the law

Companies with operations based on attendance management systems such as ours can be closer to compliance with the law and, in general, with the standards and good practices applied to workspaces, thus avoiding legal risks and potential financial losses.

Improvement of the organisational environment

Improvement of the organisational environment

With an effective time and attendance management solution it is possible to reduce possible friction between employees and management, which is sometimes observed in conventional and still insufficiently digitalised systems. Thus, an improvement of the organisational environment is generated and, consequently, the satisfaction of the staff.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

The digitalisation of processes favours significant upgrades for all the company's stakeholders, bringing together the synergies between the exponential capabilities that technology allows and the intellectual predisposition that only human intervention can provide. However, the benefits also extend to the environment, with our solution being a real contribution to responsible environmental sustainability in companies.

Software de gestão de Assiduidade – Segurança da informação

Information security

Rudimentary methods involve equally basic measures for the prevention and management of sensitive information. Our attendance management solution ensures that information is stored to exacting quality standards for which we are ISO 27001 accredited as a company.

Functionality of our
attendance management software

Software de gestão de Assiduidade – Arquitetura da organização

Architecture of the organisation

All companies have their own structure and hierarchy. This reality may be replicated for this platform since it is common to have not only different positions, but also departments, areas or any other organisational segmentation.

Order creation

Requests are created and submitted digitally, and notifications will be immediately sent by email to the respective recipients of the actions. For example, a holiday request will be forwarded to the superior of the person who made it; an approval or disapproval request will trigger a notification to the author of the original request.

Software de gestão de Assiduidade – Criação de pedidos
Software de gestão de Assiduidade – Personalização à medida

Tailor-made customisation

It is important for technology to adapt to a company's reality and not the other way around. Therefore, in addition to the customisation that can be developed when installing this solution in your systems, it is also possible to customise days that refer to holidays, day-off tolerances or other days that are relevant to the organisation.

Report generation

In a few steps, it is possible to extract personalised reports, whether at department, area or other level, on the attendance of a particular element or the employees holiday map.

Software de gestão de Assiduidade – Geração de relatórios
Software de gestão de Assiduidade – Compatibilidade com sistemas biométricos

Compatibility with biometric systems

Depending on the existence or not of biometric equipment for attendance control, we will develop a customised connection to our software, so that the information is transmitted to the central application for later consultation.

Integration with payment and accounting systems

If you want to provide some level of automation to the operation, speeding up the flow of processes, our team will analyse and propose a solution that fits the reality of your business.

Software de gestão de Assiduidade – Integração com sistemas de pagamento e contabilidade


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